Delicatessen were a group formed in Leicester, England in the early 1990s. They released three albums and four singles before splitting in 1998.

Delicatessen was formed by Neil_Carlill (vocals, guitar), Craig Bown (guitar, flute), Pete Capewell (bass) and Stuart Dayman (drums), taking their name from the French film. Signing to Starfish records, they debuted in October 1994 with the e.p Inviting Both Sisters To Dinner, followed by C.F. Kane in April 1995. Their debut album Skin Touching Water was released a month later. They headlined the little tent at Reading Festival that summer, with Jonny Wood added on keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, and violin from then on. Capewell had already left, replaced by Will Foster.

The second album Hustle Into Bed, a dark, piano/string led album, was issued in 1996, produced by long time Nick Cave/Bad Seeds/Birthday Party engineer, Tony Cohen. The band reappeared in early 1998, with a third album There’s No Confusing Some People on Viper records. After two token gigs, the band split, Carlill and Foster joining members of Supergrasp and Powda in indie superdupergroup Lodger.

Delicatessen recorded two sessions for John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show, both in 1995. The first was a four track studio session and the second six tracks recorded at the Reading Festival in 1995.

They recorded the soundtrack for the short film ‘George and Ramona’ at Pinewood studios in 1995.

A more complete Biography is in the works.