Chicanery is a collaboration between Warren Cuccurullo and Neil Carlill. They first met in London, England in the late 1990’s where Neil was a guest on the TV Mania project created by Warren and Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. Many years later after both Neil & Warren had relocated to the USA (East and West coasts respectively) they started work on Chicanery.

Fusing rich sound scapes shaped by Warren’s legendary tune craft – densely woven around Neil’s ‘tone poet’ vocals and lyrics – Chicanery is both a revival and a modern day band. The musical terrain covers Zappa, Bowie , Dance, Club and alternative rock. It could be called a surreal and psychotic vision of pop music hell!

Warren and Neil were joined on selected sessions by long-time Cuccurullo collaborator Terry Bozzio, Frank Zappa alumni Joe Travers, Sarangi player Ustad Sultan Khan, Stuart Dayman of Delicatessen, Multi-instrumentalist and producer Simone Sello and other guests.

Chicanery’s debut album was produced by Simone Sello and engineered by Fabio Angelini both of Red Rum Productions. The album was released ever-so quickly and unreleased shortly after leaving a fragmented assortment of songs floating aboard the internetverse. Copies can be had if the right questions are asked. It’s going to be legendarily bootlegged.

“A dog wearing a hat in a bird bath, looking for a silver lining”