Harvey Mapcase heard on Nick Saloman & Paul Simmons’ show “The Scene” on WMBR

Thanks to Nick Saloman & Paul Simmons for playing “Hysteria,” from the forthcoming Harvey Mapcase album Dot Kill Dot, on their July 4th show.

“The Scene” radio show, hosted by Nick Saloman & Paul Simmons, broadcasts on 88.1 FM, WMBR, Cambridge, Masachusetts every Friday morning between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Take a listen—they play some awesome music!


Candice Trailer

CANDICE, trailer (1min30).
(8min, b&w, HD 1080p)
Art video directed by Mademoiselle L.
Scored by Steven Severin.
Prélude and finale composed and performed by Julia Kent.
Text and voice by Neil Carlill.

More infos about upcoming festival screenings soon!