Harvey Mapcase


Harvey Mapcase is a musical threepiece out of Boston, Massachusetts. Formed in 2011 by British Singer-songwriter Neil Carlill, they are:

Doug Allen – Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Neil Carlill – Vocals, guitars
Matt White – Bass, backing vocals.

Harvey Mapcase started out in 2010 as a name Neil would use when playing solo acoustic shows. Harvey Mapcase became a duo when Doug Allen joined Neil to arrange and record the Dot Kill Dot album. Matt White joined during the recording and they became a trio. Dot Kill Dot was completed in 2013 and shows were played in the Boston Locale spreading down to Rhode Island.

Matt White played guitar in Thee Hydrogen Terrors (Sub Pop), and the Matt White Trio.

Doug Allen is a Geology Professor who has been playing music in the Boston and Providence scenes for many years.

Neil Carlill was in the British bands Delicatessen and Lodger in the 1990’s. He formed Chicanery with Warren Cuccurullo in 2005 and has played and recorded with several international artists including Jayrope , Charles-Eric Charrier and Marcelo Radulovich .

The origin of the name Harvey Mapcase can be traced to the Comedian/Film Star Harpo Marx. In 1933 he embarked on a solo tour of Russia and upon seeing his name printed on a poster for a one night stand out of Moscow declared himself to be ‘Exapno Mapcase’. (A phonetic interpretation of the Russian spelling of his name). Exapno Mapcase was of course Harpo’s alter ego but the idea of a Mr Mapcase became appealing to Neil so the first name ‘Harvey’ was added.