5 Little Elephants Lyrics

Felt Cabinet
Serendipity Pets
Whisper to 5 Birds
The Monster Magnet
Wendy Hiller
Henri Michaux
The Sleep Tree
Dolphin Century
Dawn On the Morning Drive
Art of Deconnexion
Odd as an Ending

Felt Cabinet

Bruised sleepy
Praise the whimsical comic slot
Howling past the rot
Man said to the Venda sailor
Spanish donut wing game
You can be the fried log dialogue singing
Oh my mornings
Cause and drivers
To text slow breath on the fever

Oh and I was saying to myself
“Felt weird about the cabinet”

Loosen do count the tail coats
Loosen do count the tail coats

Stares for a while to a clipper ship
Docks on the mile Marjorie’s bag
Delicious on the free form
Who isn’t amazing?
Kept the ship’s flies
Symbiotic flow
It’s a romantic lead
Delivered the incognito
Do minus

Flow the eyes
Flow the eyes

Serendipity Pets

Oh I made plans for your sister
Oh I made real estate for you
Oh I made you out
For the sake of least honey
I want you through and through and through
Love you through and through

Two basins dining in Bierce
And we sail the seasons with wheels
Personal traits neither grape
Feelings stay
Hold the old missiles wide
Then you’re blue
On the is wavering in the guide

The only total wheeze is simple
The only total thing is catastrophic
Calling on the only door open
Seeing into pockets and corn

You crave
KAKAKA of seen come down
Sequence your head turn round
Later date similar corduroy
For ED redoubtable par
Snip inch warm de-linear
All the names spit the price of divinity
Is uncommonly milky, slightly
Feeling in the dark
Wait for the serendipity pet
To carpet the vein
& Telecast the fourth storm

Let set you up
Lee set you up
Let set you up
Lee set you up

Whisper to 5 Birds

My breakfast lean
Chance from thumbs out
Fuel slight
Cross to sleep
Whisper to birds
They say their heads are fought
You then bills
Kill the head casing

A flight from Egypt
View hits the flagon of oars

So come closer to the garden people
Peritonitis people
Sold food catch earth quick

Oh Gold
Oh Gold

Previously ink hymns
So found for summoning
Previously Cornish lay bys are dealing

It’s a cube installation
I have, I have many

It’s a cube installation
I have, only have many

Thirsty who men who meet for sale
Thirsty who men who meet for sale

Five Little Elephants
One name escapes all
Five little elements
In there, there, there
Five Little Elephants
For the water, water
Five, five, five, five, five
Five Little Elephants

The Monster Magnet

And the leg asks of the solitary nun
Can the killer words sent me letters all?
My head is so warm wouldn’t you gift?
Choose any lettering it’s in the song

Oh the slow feel the monster magnet
Delicate folks own GO
Feel the monster magnet
SO, SO saying

And the leg asks of the solitary nun
Can the killer words sent me letters all?
My head is so warm wouldn’t you gift?
Choose any lettering it’s in the song
Charmed by sliding trick mass
Charmed by trick mass

Oh the though feel the monster magnet
Delicate folks own GO
Feel the monster magnet


Twain, Twain, Twain
Freed the mice cart low
Feel you wish
Forever rounded

Send them at home
Dancing all the brilliant beans
You all perform your old fame
You’re reading too much

Did up to heaven in a house
Did up to heaven in a house
Sip to stand did all that bird mouse

Short hair
True form
Instant temperatures

Oh in a cold car
Oh in a cold car
Oh in a cold car
Oh in a cold car

Did up to heaven in a house
Did up to heaven in a house
Sip to stand did all that bird mouse

Wendy Hiller

Cars again begun tangle, webs and all the full dangle
Biscuits the battery
Bargaining, bargaining seventy darning sound galleries
Charm the breath and you see

They say some machines and soul
Choosing their help and bowls on you
So heed them yeah yet
Cannon then crawls on salt

Till the old soil, well trod, he’s shy
Till the old soil, well trod, he’s shy

You feel on for A’s, just slow the only O
Get your count this shaft white
Angles coping cool ball

Henri Michaux

Tell me Henri Michaux, the artist with the writing weird Hidalgo,
I was alone, slates pearling on the phone
Give me made  million moods made for feathers
Could they come?
The vents, artists Cornish Maestro, the collar, Universal Nonsense

Henry Michaux, Henri Michaux

Lunar mentor, rearview sucker, on the Lazarus for the arms
And poor students
Pictures by Mondrian float  round the eyelash
In my worlds view tin can
Dish cat rhythm, May all braces spell to other table cakes
Give me gold brush tea for friend
Waving dark hair

Hear glove, glue glove, love
Hear glove, glue glove, love

In the satchel trawling,
And they close the vein
Two times was a bend like creation sacrificing
In the low lane
It’s a high holiday
They felt left, me staying out Hell’s kitchen
Seven the straight mouth
Cars being lit on bones
Those poor bones

& I will paint before I go
& I will paint before I go

In this side show traveling
And showed the train,
Flew wires like the seven drake sisters
For the action
Of the wandering aim
Trials on Saturday
They felt bitter as city
Left without their leads
Hells’ Heaven’s Kitchen slain

The very edgy morning, indeed
A particular frost comes into my face
Head facilitates the neat branch

To brave the artic lights and
Call Mamie
And Call Mamie
And Call Mamie

The Sleep Tree

Collect in the tree
And you’ll
Collect in the catapult slip
Collect in the dreams and you are
Collecting the catapult
Government speaks like for Heckle
Flow floats
Falling, Falling, Falling, like a burn

Fantasy rots like the pearl waterfall
That escapes the poor
It causes you to
Flow onto the ground shaking
The species they have are in the fake
Is closing tangles
Flow floats
Falling, Falling, Falling, like a bear

Muscle makes anything flee
You’ve seen the castle owe meaning
The sequence of narration is
A position for my hand
That a later date late
The focal a fate
Cracks and the old shoe
Cracks and the old shoe

Soft and clouded
Charts the highest baby
When you go to sleep

Dolphin Century

My devious little sitter
All fiscal Confucius
Skates to Olympic victory
In the dear 5th Century

Dolphins shine in water slow
Glide fixes the idea
In my eye as I go
Dolphins are wise to the weird
Flights of angles
The light hits in the eyes
In water slow
Glide fixes the idea
In my eye as I go

Open wounds, roads to mix
Devon, Belfry ties and masters yeah
Heaven’s party for the Stravinsky
Break out books
And you cart hikers, bakers
Welding faces crawl

High, you ought, Miguel to float through
High, you ought, Miguel to float through

Dawn On the Morning Drive

Sad dancer that’s the fun of a parallel
That sigh that’s bold playing
the kitten’s game
That side that kept up the kisser
And your sand dial

This gear in a barnyard is soulful
This gear in the garden is hopeful
This fear is a wand of the machine
This guest is folk the heroes soul

The rummaging plan of this county slams food into men
Mixed up the walls in between silence then
Bursts out breaks into song lived almost
As long as the fear strums storm and us
Dawn on the morning drive

Talk to your beers
You talk to the drinks a little more than usual
I did of course in a pinch of the bottle
Snuggling freedom drinks strand
And the wrongs

Lining all coupe car
Lining all coupe car

Sense and Sense and Sense and you do

Art of Deconnexion

Never sleep never reach into the bookshelf
Calling on the turns in the arms of guests
Windows and the call to your favourite soul
I’m molding green “aye” shakers I fell solid into
People all feel the artistic endeavours
Soldiers and jerry curl blow

Brain the brandy
Throat coach coach

Their sleep, sleep technology
Burden blades calm bend you read
We are not pleas in your delicate sail
Your water bridge games rail

Your bird owns tomcats
The list of can sold shelves
You drop and wait can not sleep

I was juice
and gone once
riding on
whale whale

Odd as an Ending

The lever leans in close
She’s not there, here
To whisper in his good ear

“Desertshore lies so follow try”

On his paper plans he draws her now
In the daydream sun he draws her out
1920 lies in store
He will follow these all to her step door

The crawl has him in her shadow box
Caught him in a collision stop
65 in a cool cruel glue
23 with a sharp true tread
She’s a willing shark
For his glad art rags
Her favorite dolphins
Buy his next breath

Fine lines of aging
On a pale skin
Threadbare eyebrows
Ears noticed never
His slim tie relaxes
His broad shoulders
Hangers for a blue suit
The brisk cautious tread
Skinny legs hidden under the dark cloth
Chickadee nest hair dark brown
With grey streaks aware
His soft grey hat on his head turned down
Intercepts the rain 6ft from the ground

Forever a tall girl, lying on the floor
Moving her arms, through the Stations of the Cross
One side of a, saints clock
Then the other, disturbs the plot
Her red button headdress, comes into view
As she sits up, reflected in the mirror
She points a shooting finger at a picture
Of Ray Milland
It’s Bloomsday
Oh it’s Bloomsday
Oh it’s Bloomsday

The walls are dreaming of each other
Though no one has seem them together
Floors are dreaming of each other
Though no one has seem them together
Dreaming of each other
With Gloves
With Semi-gloves
With Ink
With keystone

Oh I was distinctly seen
Over sheep house
And oh I was distinctly, the spy
With my beard on the carpet
So she would see my blackened eyes
Oh crawl in my daydream
Will see my blackened eyes

Dice invite lice to her wide angled lens
Kilns invite Euclid into his half light, when…

Occult lies so follow try

Afraid of everybody
I told anybody to go away
And so they go
And sleep by the sea
In the rats tow
He will look for she
trams in the blue cake suit
Looks for wednesday
While she follows too

Race the girls’ hand
Round your own hand
Feel the palm
Move to the middle
Of the arms trail
Where the neck sings
Make the search again

Well the first story she was told
Was about the conductor
August 1977
They took a trip to the
Out of body summer festival
They were staying in Grasz
Feeling shy
The ravens ruled Vienna with their passports
It was the encore season of plans
It was the first time silent stars sailed

Ten furtive phrases

I feel your emotional clock
When I’m with you it won’t stop
I truly feel as a numbing shock
Inside my body lies

Corbett laughs and sings

Out jumped a rabbit
Followed by a hare
Then came a marching band full of ants
Crickets dancing a fanfare
Last and late in this state of our minds
We were forcing the drugs to entertain us again

Hero hails a cab
For the locus of Mama
Hero codes crab
By the loco he froze
Deer loves Hero
On her forearm a logo
Buck paints Deer
As Hero for show

Why don’t you, Why don’t you, Why don’t you watch?
Why don’t you Why don’t you, make me a catch?

Hero goes by the logo of wristwatch
Hero crows as the loco shows

Surfing out of style
Adrift in the mercantile
Address the spinning remains
With a logo he show

Why don’t you, Why don’t you, Why don’t you watch?
Why don’t you Why don’t you, make me a catch?

Hero won done nudged a lover
Keepers he’s hero now discover

Oh the time stopper
Will be a shopper
For her tummy
For a game
White was in every eye
They were like ice, in the center

Their selfless rules
He wrote for money
And nylon shoes
The giant moths
Are Greek gods
And high over the sea
We have two parachutes
So we can see
To fly
To see, to fly
To see, to fly

Exchanging his arms hand
For her legs weight
In the morning light

Exchanging his grey hat
For her dream diary
In the light’s day

Exchanging the warm glance
For a shared breath
In the dawns chorus caress

Dear evening, on my belly
In this year and we’re hatching
Dear Ellstree beside me
So soon I’ll call you duchess
Oh Duchess pressed against my $100 suit
Oh turf on my belly
In this year and we’re watching
I’m watching the duchess

They said “Go, go”
Then yes they moved
A fall into grace
Yes they stayed through
Never burned souls at school
But cleverly read
“Bend sinister” and “Paradise lost”
So we turn towards the gates of men
The ghosts of hungry minds again

Sitting on the rocks
We’re like the carpets smooth
A Persian blend of blue/red on the horizon
Never fell in love at school
But we read the same books
We’re cooking on the words
An intro to the World

Sleeping by the sea
Gravity is on the eyeballs three

Out of the dripping fog
Their shoes are clogged
Out of the empty sea
Their turn is hours old
And in the shivers
They moved into reality vision
Out of the rolling, rolling, rolling, stars
They shook with hands
Said hello, said hello

Easy going chores with their feelings cemented
Soaking up emotions for the sensual
Sure are
Promising rewards with the same sound strokes
Feeling out the findings of the loveless

The startled dream of western weddings
Blowing tangled bedding on the old boards
Couples chemistry
They locked a melody of truth through kissing teeth

“Why ask for heat” for sure said
When his pulse is in his head
The suns connecting now
They can melt again together

So time is restored
The touch of plum fingers
The shaven man in his forties
Clad in rough worn corduroy
Her laced wee boots
Tipped the ovensize wine glass
Between their lips and emptied it
This act provoked an immediate
Seal of approval
As their lips puckered
One second shaking
This kiss spread out
On their astonished faces
And how they railed against
The looming sun
Almost ready to move
A mystery guest

No looks for me
Through a finger frame I see her
Afternoon in the mirror
Red headress like a famous doll he sees her
How much time
This can over run minds
And the rain they walk through
Oh how love is like an air
You’re their eyes ticking eyes will stare
They look at each others space
They must take place

Those velvet sleeves
Oh you’re on
Those stricken memories
Oh they’re none
You find yourself in unplayable arms
And gone, and done
I feel like we’ve
Teamed with the bees
And prayed with wasps
So secretly
We moved along
We move along
Inside this strange longing

Your message lives in the wild chances
The pleasant gods of roman dances
They will feed
Pleasant indeed
The wise chances
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Chef smiling at the chief

We shave the lawn now
Sitting by, walking on, lying near
Red, green, blue

We brave the lawn now
See the flowers, greet the birds
Red, green and blue

Say the journey of a lifetime
Starts on the incline
Goes around the houses
Streets and chairs
Thin as the wheels
On the car that’s not theirs
Till they place themselves in it

So we took pictures
Of each others gloves
Inside the car frame
We brush teeth with each other again
The late afternoon
She looks at me
And I feel
The glue between us
I feel the glue between us

Evening hums belong here in there
Take side steps and sit in same chair
Pushing words into our four ears
Talk of wine, fate, food, arts surreal

How? Help! Who?
How? Help! Who?
How? Help! Who?
How? Help! You?

She loves the dawn a lot
She hates the morning paper
Blue, blue heads
He knows the fiendish plot
Of Chu man fu
Said, said, red sails
She likes the birds so much
And tapes the bird song
Rules wake rhyme
He couldn’t bare a watch
Against his skin
Pipe, skin, cold time

Tell me straight, is it cake
We should make?
And point the same way
La, la, la, la, la, la, la
Hand in hand
Knee, to knee
Kiss and touch each other nose
La, la, la, la, la, la, la
So they tumble
Mad, mad, mad, mad
Oh they tumble
Mad, mad, mad
World outside
Well world can crumble
Mad, mad, mad, mad, mad
And in here we can team with bumble bees

It’s a mystical state
But is it safe?
Can we talk about our fears?
La, la, la, la, la, la, la

It’s no mistake
We’re so near
And so dear
In such a small space of time
La, la, la, la, la, la, la

The tea was ready
It’s warm and steamy
His eyes are threadbare
His arms are crutches
She shares her own cookie bowl
The dray horse smokes coal
And they hum a song
They hum a song
They hum a song
They hum a song
They hum a song
They choose a song together

My little pet
Well she’s still munching
I’m on my feet
With love’s smog song key
We try on hats from 1916
We share the same breath
And ride the armchair 23
Back on level seas mamammama
And running deeds lalalalalalal
And I believe in the jazz age
And I believe in no ceremony

Wombling arm in arm
Discussing the pilots the parents
The journey through the 20’s
And shared enemy visions
Agreeing on the cat
The fish the canary looking
At the losing year
Sticks and making pacts
With new ideas
His and her stereo
The economics of daydreaming
The other while no one
Had seen them together
So yesterday and a day
Miraculous bridges
Meet footsteps, handprints
Side by side now
With wings
aisle and why

Nature steps out with a weirdo
Nurture steps out with a weirdo
Crowd 23 steps out with a weirdo
Night 65 steps out with a weirdo

Book, boot, boo
Hey yeah
Book, boom, boo
Hey yeah

Boom, boom, kakapo
Hey yeah
wants you

Every cross that signals loss
Has got to find the prefect sick river
Every loss has found the solo horse that
Rides you through the rolling shiver
Even odds, bite the holy bus so trust
The hand that fits your plans
Sense and rust
Strong blood and skin
Keeps you in there
Polar bear

Yellow birds play with idle dreams
Idle dreams
Give the bended souls meaning
The bended soul meaning
The bended soul meaning
The bended soul meaning
Every soul…

The old dray horse smokes coal
In the picture
On our perfect purple wall

Love me or wake me

Vienna laughs through
A wide angled Benz
The drugs of Austria forcing
A numbing fanfare again
With gloves and nylon shoes
Sleeping by the seaside bees
Of wee plum boots
A famous doll finger
Tips the streets, chairs and ticking eyes
Writing for the cabs
The lord of the moths
And the money exchanging
In arms hand for odds